India Fast Facts

Renewable Energy

India is committed to the use of renewable energy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed that India would achieve net-zero emissions by 2070. As of January 2022, India’s had an installed renewable energy capacity of 152.36 GW, constituting a share of total share of 38.56 percent of the total installed power capacity.

The government’s focus in on increasing the share of solar power, adoption of solar roof tops and renewable mini-grid systems, reducing carbon emissions, achieving net zero railway emissions by 2030, adoption of bio-fuels, greening mobility and transportation systems, and increasing the share of electric vehicles.

This is a wide space with government providing incentives both at the central and state levels. Regardless of the sector that you are in renewable energy, we are in a position to help support your objectives and align them with the government’s vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070.

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